Remi Saxe

Abstract artist Remi Saxe is October’s artist of the month.

The Close has never felt so F A R collection highlights the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Each piece is paired with an original poem encouraging you to stay a while and ponder.

Remi’s desire is that by reusing and recycling everything from canvases to paint (acrylic, aerosol, even house paint) that the work will evoke a response. “Either you love it or you hate it but either way, if I’ve made you feel something, I will have succeeded.”

Remi cautions patrons “Words and images reflect my soul. Consume with care.” A longtime resident of Halton Hills and also a French citizen, Remi’s favourite pieces of art will always be Heather’s Florentine cookies.

PLEASE SCAN THE QR code or simply visit google sites. Remi can also be reached via IG at @remisaxe