Artist of the Month

Storm Season

Storm Season The year 2020 has been unusual – to say the least – and the weather has not been immune.  On average, Ontario experiences 12-13 tornadoes a year and this year the province has had a record 33 of them.  Storm Season is a small exhibit of black and white images created by Georgetown […]

June’s Feature Artist

I discovered mixed media by accident while flipping through a magazine. I was immediately hooked and embarked on my journey to learn and experiment. My creative process usually starts with a quote that inspires me, but I don’t just create motivational art. I also like to design humorous pieces and utilitarian items. I used many […]

Barry Finan

Barry Finan grew up in Ontario, Canada during the depression, spending many happy hours drawing. What began as a pleasant escape from difficult times eventually lead to an award winning career as a Commercial Art Director that spanned 25 Years. After his retirement in 1987, Barry was able to devote more time than ever to […]