Local Artist Brenda Garner

Along with balancing her life as a wife and mother of two, Brenda has continuously generated unique pieces of highly sought after artwork. Creativity flows from Brenda’s thoughts to her hands through mixed mediums including oil and acrylic.

Brenda Garner is a celebrated artist whose art has shown strongly in numerous viewing competitions in Ontario, originally premiering at the Belleville Fair where she took first place. Brenda continued on to snag the top prizes with her original pieces for several years. Most recently, in 2017, her sought after pieces have been exhibited in the Halton Hills Public Library, and in seasonal exhibitions at Heather’s Bakery in Georgetown.

Inspired by local landscapes and her travels the world over, Brenda’s penchant for capturing the whimsy of nature is enviable. Her keen eye and ingenious way of capturing the essence of her subjects draws people to her works. A playful artist since 2002, Brenda has most recently started using a poured acrylic medium to capture the colours and texture that inspire her on a daily basis.

Brenda’s love of art started with lessons in oil through Loyalist College, and has continued with the renowned Royal Art Academy of Georgetown.

Brenda’s passion for art persists in her aspirations for continuous learning, and sharing her art with other enthusiasts.

“I just like to paint things that make me happy.”
– Brenda Garner