Christy Michalak

Most of the paintings on this exhibit were started  en plein air- which is fancy French for outside painting. Each one began when I saw nature do something that blew me away. For example, the billowing effects of Hurricane Florence in A Road Not Taken (Stewarttown). or the 15 minutes a day that Mt.Kuchumaa (Mexico) was lit up in Breaking Dawn.

Once I find that particular spot and view, I spend some time with it. I clear my mind and try to feel the place. I mix a set of colours on my palette that reflect my mood of the day and are beautiful together. From there I can start to touch the canvas, shoving aside all left brain thinking and trying to stay in the creative zone, or flow. I usually have 2-4 hours before the light will change so much that I have to call it a day.


Later, I take the paintings back to my downtown Georgetown studio to decide whether they have some visual magic in them(about a third get out at this point!)My art is frequently described as mystical, or spiritual, and I think that applies to work where I  was really able to stay joyous and open in the moment.

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